If moles could see, would they have remorse for the damage they do? I doubt it.

After many years of rural living, I was never able to catch, maim, kill or deter moles. My failed efforts included several types of “sure-fire” traps, gasoline and road flares. I’d tried drowning them with a garden hose and once staked out a mound, armed to the teeth, daring the ground to move. I didn’t try bubble gum, but I think someone suggest that once. Frankly, I gave up.

One day, I heard some gents talk of their success with “Trapline Mole Traps.”

Disclaimer: I don’t have any ties with the company, don’t know anyone who does and my experience should only be taken as anecdotal in nature.

I ordered some of the small mole traps using the Trapline Company website (I believe they are located in Northern California.). Since that time, I’ve had success catching some of the little varmints responsible for damage to my yard.

The company website had excellent information and instructions on what size traps you should choose (large or small). Their traps are also supposed to work for gophers and the company offers traps for voles. I’ve no experience with either gophers or voles.

The traps do work. I have learned that you need to set the trap in an area where the mole(s) is currently active. Where I live, they work an area for a day or two and move on. Then, a few days later, they’ll return. If you can find the main tunnel, that is the best place to set your trap.

I can’t always catch the little buggers, but sometimes I do.