This headline came to mind when I read a recent story published in my local newspaper. Art Linkletter made the phrase popular in his day and later Bill Cosby used it as a title for his CBS comedy series. It was true back then and is true today.

The article titled “What is the worst thing about being a kid?” was a delightful collection of answers kids submitted to the newspaper.

There is a link for the article below, but if you’re too busy, I have selected some of the kids’ answers and added my own editorial comments. Except for first names, I’ve deleted information on the children.

“That you’re not allowed to drive.” (Olli

  • Wait until you’re ninety Ollie.

“The worst thing about being a kid is you can’t gamble.” (Katelyn)

  • What’s this world come to Katelyn? It’s the twenty-first century for crying out loud.

“School. Being grounded. Chores. Cleaning my room.” (Tessa)

  • Note to self: Don’t write when having bad day.

“I can’t buy anything I want.” (Caydance)

  • I know how you feel Caydance.

“The worst thing about being a kid is being forced to eat yucky, yucky veggies! P.S. Hold your nose while eating them!” (Ziba)

  • FLOTUS will not be pleased, but thanks for the tip.

“The worst thing about being a kid is that we don’t get to vote for president.” (Sam)

  • •Move to Chicago Sam.

“Not knowing all the things you need to know.” (Morgan)

  • •Morgan, that only happens when you’re sixteen. But years later you’ll realize you got it all wrong anyway.

“The worst thing about being a kid is I’m not tall enough for carnival rides.” (Josie)

  • Always good to set high goals Josie.

“The worst thing about being a kid is math.” (Lenny)

  • Must be into that Common Core Curricula.

“The worst part about being a kid is having consequences.” (Joy)

  • I agree Joy, really the pits.

“The worst thing about being a kid is adults. You have to listen to them, respect them and, worst of all, we will grow up to be them!” (Troy)

  • Troy, take heart. Some just grow up to be big kids.

“Not being able to have a job, curse you laws.” (Keegan)

  • I see a bright future for you Keegan.

“The worst thing about being a kid is that no one takes you very seriously because they just assume that just because you’re a kid that means not a single intelligent thought could ever leave your mouth.” (Dylan)

  • I know how you feel Dylan.

“Nothing is bad about being a kid.” (Erin)

  • Right on Erin, enjoy!

If you have the time, this full article and others in the series can be found through the following link:


*Revised and republished.