A seasoned detective with the Sheriff’s Office dusts off a cold case and turns to former FBI agent Matt Kinler for help. Matt can’t refuse his longtime friend, who had recently suffered a stroke. In this procedural crime drama, the author sets his favorite private eye on the trail of a serial killer, a killer who wants recognition.

The story picks up ten years after the first victim was killed when Pasqual Trudeau hands Matt a strange message from someone who claims credit for two murders; Shellburg Falls and another, miles away and years apart. Although both victims were geocachers and female, the crimes have marked differences.

Scant evidence and no suspects, Matt and his friend cobble together an ad hoc team to tackle the two murders. After they discover their killer didn’t stop at two, a prosecutor jumps in, forms a task force, and sidelines Matt and his crew. Undaunted by the brushoff, Matt presses to identify the serial killer while the prosecutor is distracted by taunting messages from a murderer, who wants acclaim.

Read how Matt and his team rush to stop the geocache killer before he strikes again. Learn how the psychopath eludes detectives as he plans more evil deeds. Suspenseful and fast-paced, the story tracks Matt and the killer. When their trails cross, things get ugly.

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Who killed Tom Duffy? News reports called his death an accident. Challenged by the grieving widow, Matt Kinler, FBI agent turned private eye, launches a quest to find the answer. The hunt for a killer draws him into the bitter battle over right-to-work laws opposed by unions.

Matt befriends Marion Walters, the elderly director of the right-to-work movement. The embattled lady must gather thousands of signatures to get her measure on the ballot for Oregon voters. She schools him on how progressive politicians have stacked the deck against citizens who wish to petition their government. Matt discovers cozy ties between corrupt government officials and leaders of the public employee unions.

After thousands of signatures are stolen, Walters lies unconscious in the hospital’s intensive care unit. While her terrified secretary struggles to save the ballot measure, Anna joins husband Matt to protect Walters from ruthless men who’ll stop at nothing to keep right-to-work off the ballot.

His partner, Allen Mann, backs Matt as they rush to identify a killer, find a bomber before he strikes again; and stop a political power broker who believes he has the right to kill.

This thrilling fast paced mystery is packed with suspense and action as Matt, Anna and Allen encounter murderers, arsonists, bombers and drone-flying extortionists. Readers who have enjoyed the relationship between Matt and Anna in previous tales won’t be disappointed here.

John Lawe lives in Oregon’s Willamette Valley with his wife. During his career as an FBI agent, he investigated a variety of cases to include public corruption, fraud, kidnapping and extortion. In retirement, he has worked as a private investigator and a cold case detective. With main characters who reflect his Christian worldview, he draws on past experience to create thrilling crime stories infused with mystery, suspense, faith and humor.


Powerful and corrupt politicians create havoc for Matt Kinler, the former FBI agent turned private eye. A wealthy matriarch of an Oregon timber family hires him to find who killed her son and why. Matt jumps at the chance, but runs smack into a wall of complications. Not everyone wants the truth revealed.

With a thirst for power, devious political figures wrest control of the murder investigation from Matt’s friends in law enforcement and try to silence him and anyone with loose lips. Matt must rely on his wife, Anna, and his business partner, Allen Mann, as he cobbles together a team from his network of friends to take on corruption and solve a murder.

As Matt scrambles to avoid arrest, he discovers murder is not all the corrupt politicians have to hide. In this suspenseful and fast-paced mystery, Matt rushes to solve a murder and stop a disaster planned by terrorists.

John Lawe lives in Oregon’s Willamette Valley with his wife. During his career as a criminal investigator he has worked kidnapping, extortion and murder cases. As a Christian, he draws on his past experiences to create thrilling crimestories infused with mystery, suspense, faith and a measure of humor.

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Matt Kinler’s world is turned upside down in one telephone call. When the former FBI agent answers the call, he learns an informant from his FBI days – Jesse Lopez – is in trouble.

There are only two men who would want to hunt down Jesse and kill him: a drug cartel member and his twin brother. But the pair is locked up for what their prosecutor described as a “virtual life sentence.”

After Matt’s former employer expresses indifference and suspicion in helping him find Jesse, Matt is left on his own to weave his way through a minefield of obstacles created by the bizarre actions of an overzealous federal prosecutor.

How will Matt navigate the intricacies of his marriage, the search for his old friend and a demanding career?Pure Evil answers that question with a thrilling mix of mystery, suspense and humor.